What Is Postprandial Blood Glucose?

Improving Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes: A ...

"postprandial glucose (ppg) levels — meaning ‘sugar after the meal’ — give you and your care team more important information about how the body is able to manage glucose after a meal. However, these are just approximate guidelines as ppg (postprandial glucose) depends on several factors, such as the type of food consumed. for people without diabetes, their blood sugar returns to near normal range about 1-2 hours after eating as a result of the effects of insulin.. Postprandial blood glucose, on the other hand, refers to your blood sugar levels one to two hours after eating. what are normal preprandial glucose levels? for healthy adults, normal preprandial glucose levels are 70 – 99 mg/dl. a preprandial glucose reading of 100 – 125 mg/dl indicates prediabetes.. (more…)

Can My Eating Habits Cause Diabetes?

Diabetes due to unhealthy eating habits is becoming a common crisis among urban dwellers. with multinational companies that promote ready-to-eat processed foods and their range of fast food, people are becoming addicted to a lifestyle that is prone to a high risk of diabetes.. eating habits that cause diabetes.. 12 surprising habits that can lead to diabetes.. Can eating habits cause diabetes? the consensus is that yes, it can cause diabetes. now, not everyone who has diabetes has it because of their eating habits, some people are predisposed to diabetes and no matter what or how they eat they are going to have it. but for others, what you eat can possibly lead to type 2 diabetes.. 12 surprising habits that can lead to diabetes. being overweight or poor eating habits aren’t the only things that can lead to diabetes. you might be surprised to learn that some everyday habits might be putting you at risk for developing the disease.. (more…)