Facts And Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes myths vs facts. not everything you hear about diabetes is true. that’s why it is important to get the facts, so you can make good decisions to better manage your diabetes. myth: "diabetes is not that big of a deal.". 10 myths about diabetes. more. view all in one page. 1 of 12. credit (getty images) learn the facts about diabetes. myth: if i have diabetes, i’ll likely need to have my leg amputated.. Type 2 diabetes is on the rise, but not everyone understands the causes and treatment for this disease. it’s not about being a sugarholic. 7 diabetes myths you need to stop believing.. (more…)

Should I Join A Support Group For Prediabetes?

If you want more information diabetes management and prediabetes get my guide here https://goo.gl/gnkvbk this is a difficult question to answer because support groups and therapy are a very. Joining a support group improves diabetes treatment patients who find a support group that "fits" are more likely to take their insulin or other diabetes medication over the long-term.. Support groups often post ads in the newspaper weekly as to when their meetings will be happening – and where! and if you know other people with diabetes – ask them! you may not have heard them discuss a support group, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t aware of a support group. maybe they’re a member of a group or know of one.. (more…)