How Is Prediabetes Different To Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes pills work in different ways – some lower insulin resistance, others slow the digestion of food or increase insulin levels in the blood stream. the non-insulin injected medications for type 2 diabetes have a complicated action but basically lower blood glucose after eating. if i have type 2 diabetes and take insulin, do i have to. See all of our diabetes information in different languages. other type 2 diabetes risk factors smoking. smoking is associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, and also increases the risk of other health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. there is a lot of support available if you are thinking about stopping smoking.. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition affecting the body’s ability to process sugar (glucose) for energy, leading to dangerously high levels of blood glucose (hyperglycemia).  it’s the most common form of diabetes. symptoms of type 2 diabetes may include excessive thirst, frequent urination, and extreme fatigue.. (more…)

How Your Heath Might Affect Your Family

It has some religious influence but the society was very strict about marriages and that can also affect their future generation therefore individuals were scared not to be treated equally by the society and were getting married in order to form a family. the changes in the family and society might have improved and benefited individuals. (more…)

Is Anger A Sign Of Diabetes?

Fluctuating glucose levels contribute to frustration and anger experienced by people with diabetes. learn why this condition can be dangerous. make sure you have an emergency plan. this could include calling 911 at the first sign of an emotional outburst. seek immediate help if your partner is verbally or emotionally abusive. reach out to a. Constant or frequent outbursts can cause stress and lead to conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, weakened immunity, lack of sleep, and high blood pressure. and throwing things around, then it is a sign of harmful anger. internal anger: there are instances when people internalize their anger and turn it into hatred. this kind of. The researchers found that compared with controls, patients had a worse ability to globally recognize facial emotion expressions, with evidence for stronger effects on negative emotions and anger. (more…)